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You have the most amazing ideas or maybe just one amazing idea but you don’t have the finances, funding, capital, or like ‘they’ say, the money, money, money, to make it happen. Maybe you’ve been nurturing an idea for a new product, want to pre-sell a book you’re writing, launch a new service, develop an app, or start a clothing line and you need capital to make it happen. Besides needing funding you may also be wondering if your idea is even good. Will people care? Will it really help people the way you are envisioning?

And finally, the icing on the cake; you’re a nervous-wreck just thinking about the entire process and you aren’t even sure if you have what it takes to really put it out there and get people to notice!


That’s the average raised by successful crowdfunding campaigns in 2019. Did that number make you think twice about how funding IS possible? I sure hope so! Watch the video below and see how you too can successfully fund your dreams.

Erica E.

“Even though our target was approximately $40k – $50k. We didn’t get our hopes too high. We thought it would be good even if we managed to raise $5,000 USD. To our surprise, we were able to raise $41,000 USD within 6 months of running our campaign. Khalida’s tips, help, and support were amazing!”

Valorie S.

“Khalida’s crowdfunding tips and advice worked wonders and helped me grasp crowdfunding by giving me strategies, ideas, and tips as well as moral support to make my campaign a success. With her help, I was able to raise $6,000 in one month!”

Zaid K.

“… Before we spoke we raised $1,881 (Over 18 days). After we spoke we’ve so far raised: $5,790 (in 8 days). Since speaking with my coach Khalida, we have seen a 3X increase on how much we have raised (in half the time!) Her knowledge and coaching gave us the formula and tools we needed to be successful with our campaign …”

Brands, companies, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and people like YOU I’ve worked with:

Supporting hundreds of campaigns and project creators in the last 4 years has given me deep insight into the knowledge gap many people have around crowdfunding and how to be successful. Here are a few amazing brands and people I have had the pleasure of working with:

Fun facts about crowdfunding

Alright, I get it maybe you are more of a numbers person. You need to see the stats to help you determine if this is a viable option for you. So let’s talk numbers and really look at the terrain of the crowdfunding industry.

Crowdfunding, thanks to its accessibility and relative ease in raising funds, is often thought of as “democratization” of fundraising and for good reason. I’m going by the numbers in the facts below and throwing in some fun facts while I’m at it. Check them out and see what I mean!

Money Money Money

$17.2 Billion – Yes, that ‘B’ for BILLION and it is the annual amount generated by crowdfunding in North America alone. That’s a pretty big pie! Wanna slice?!

12% for Facebook

Facebook only converts at 12% and while it is still a tool to use, there is definitely a strategy behind using Facebook when promoting your campaign! Twitter is at 3%, in case you were wondering. 

105 % Boost

Campaigns with a video raise over 100% more than those without a
video. It’s time to practice your pitch!

38% Less

Solo campaigns raise 38% less than campaigns that are team-driven.

42% Start and Finish

The funds raised in the first and last 3 days of the campaign equal nearly 50% – or to be exact, 42%. In other words, it PAYS big time to nail the campaign launch and wrap up!

9 Weeks

Is how long the average campaign runs! This isn’t ideal however and can hurt the campaign in the long run.  

30% Sweet Spot

It is well-known in the industry that crowdfunding campaigns that raise at least 30% in the first week of the campaign are more likely to be successfully funded. 

6.4 Million

There were just over 6.4 million crowdfunding campaigns world-wide in 2019. About 78% of them were not successful (didn’t reach their complete goal), the average campaign in this group raised $824. I’m guessing they needed help with strategy!

About us

Crowdfund Savvy is a digital crowdfunding consulting agency that is committed to educating people the world over on highly effective crowdfunding techniques that enable them to fund their causes, ideas, passions, and more. We have made it our mission to ensure project creators have the proper resources, information, and support to enable them to create brand-strategic, campaigns that connect with backers/supporters while helping creators share their passion, idea, or service with the world.

Core values:

  • Build community first (crowd comes before the funds)
  • Be coachable and open to experimenting
  • Stay optimistic but work hard
  • Ethically do whatever it takes to meet objectives
  • Have fun and celebrate all successes

Latest news

More than 50% of the department stores anchoring America’s malls are going to close permanently by the end of next year, a new report from Green Street Advisors predicts. (source)

No better time to start looking for capital for your businesses than NOW.

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